A Natural Cure for Depression is Here

Depression, stress, and anxiety are one of the most common problems existing in the current world. It is mostly due to the overwhelming work life, low social and emotional interaction and numerous other reasons. Long term stress can be termed as depression; it leaves a different impact on every person. It took a long time for society to recognize depression as a mental disease. This problem can lead to many hazardous diseases and other mental issues if not treated and handled properly. Depression requires equal attention and sincerity as any other problem and can be treated without any further harm. One should be aware of its impacts and hazard; it is a serious issue in the current world.


Why TMS?

There are various methods and ways to cure depression; its cure also depends on our habits and even food. Natural Cure for Depression is TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation). It is a form of brain stimulation by changing the magnetic field, which causes the flow of electric current in some areas of the brain through electromagnetic induction. An electric pulse generator is connected to a magnetic coil, which is further connected to the scalp. The magnetic field is generated by inducing electric current in coils. Which in turn allows the current to flow through the brain in further inductance. This process is still evolving and continuously improving, adding more to that it is not as hazardous as it looks like, the adverse effects of this process include fainting and seizure. Other potential issues include discomfort, hypomania, pain, cognitive change, hearing issues, etc.


This process does not require any surgery or implantation; it can be used in both diagnostic and therapeutic applications. Its effect varies according to the magnitude and frequency of current being induced in the coils.

  • Diagnosis
    It is clinically used to measure the activity of brain cells and brain circuits in human, most widely accepted use is to measure the connection between Primary Motor Cortex of CNS (Central Nervous System) and PNS (Peripheral Nervous System).
  • Treatment
    As already stated, TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Simulation) can be very helpful in curing depression and another mental disease at times. It is a Natural Cure for Depression and has very rare side effects.
  • Procedure
    During this process, a magnetic coil is connected to the scalp and is positioned above the head of the person receiving treatment using anatomical landmarks on the skull. The coil is further connected to pulse generator, or simulator which delivers current to the coil which further induces current to the certain areas in the brain.
  • Adverse Effects
    Mostly this process is quite safe and leaves no adverse effect on the person receiving treatment, although there are quite rare cases when this procedure is used on high frequencies which include fainting, seizures have been reported in extremely rare cases. Other short-term effects include discomfort, pain, hypomania, impaired memory, hearing problem, etc. but none lasts for the long term.

This process was discovered and researched under the field of Electrophysiology by Merton and Morton in 1980. Though foundations of this were laid further back in the 1700s, and the relation between Electric Current and Magnetic Field were discovered by Michael Faraday in 1800s. Merton and Morton started this process in the form of TES (Transcranial Electric Simulation) which was quite uncomfortable and had many adverse effects. This method was converted to its magnetic alternative by Anthony T. Barker. The first ever TMS device was approved by the FDA in October 2008.

This process is boon for a person suffering from long term depression and stress; the side effects are negligible being quite rare and cure is done naturally without any medication, surgery or implantation. It heals the person's mental health and Natural Cure for Depression.

Physics Involved

TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Simulation) uses electromagnetic induction and generates current in scalp and skull of the person undergoing this process. The coil is enclosed in a plastic case, and when activated produces an orthogonal inclined magnetic field above the skull, the magnetic field induces current which activates the brain cells and nerve cells residing nearby areas. The magnetic field is near to the same strength as of MRI scan. It is based on Biot-Savart Law and Maxwell-Faraday Equation. Deep CMS requires higher magnetic power and his ability to reach over 6 cm into the brain to stimulate deeper layers of the motor cortex.

Moreover, this process can cure certain other mental diseases along with stress and depression; it is boon for people suffering from long-term depression. Many lives are already lost in the hands of depression due to less awareness and not having proper treatment at the right state. This scene can be changed with TMS.

Stress and depression are two major evils born from a bad lifestyle and so-called corporate life. Not following proper time-table, unhealthy food and habits, untimely working hours, sleep deprivation give rise and increase depression and anxiety. One needs to maintain themselves and should follow a strict timetable, have healthy food and should do exercise and yoga daily. Meditation can also help you to relax after a long day; one should limit their working hours and avoid odd timings. The sleep of 7-8 hours should never be compromised, no matter the conditions. TMS is an amazing way to cure depression by natural means without leaving a piece of metal or harmful chemicals in your body. If we ignore the side effects that arise quite rarely, this process is perfect for curing depression and stress which is eating up the people of today. This process can serve our generation better than any other existing process, equipment or medication. Adding more to that, hopefully, it is still evolving continuously, and its side effects can be reduced to zero or nullified shortly. The best is yet to come is the tagline when it comes to medical sciences and technologies, and the same thing is applied to TMS as well.

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