Auto Body Painting

Cars, bikes, jeeps, trucks and lorries and what not! Any vehicle you own, one thing you really look forward to when you buy one is flaunting what you own to the whole wide world! Another one of motor enthusiast's guilty pleasures is painting the vehicle in the color they love. The automotive painting has thus gained prominence amongst folks lately. Why paint your vehicle you ask? It's mostly for either protection or for decoration. Yes, you heard that right. Auto body painting provides protection to your vehicle from the harmful ultraviolet rays. They also help in providing your vehicle with that aesthetic completeness that it loses when it undergoes some damage or dent.


The Options Available

Yes, painting your vehicle is a great way of keeping it looking well for a long time. But that doesn't at all mean that you do not have options to choose from. Auto Body Painting comes in a variety of options including acrylic lacquer, acrylic enamel, polyurethane enamel, and water-based paints.

  • While acrylic lacquer paints are cheap and the oldest to be used, the decline in its popularity owes to a long time it takes to dry as well as its inability to protect your vehicle against harmful ultraviolet rays that can in the long run damage the metal beneath. And as obvious as it is, cheaper paints always chip off easily, giving your vehicle a dirty, old look.
  • Let's see how acrylic enamel is different from the enamel paint. On one hand, enamel is something that stays longer than the enamel paint as it is harder and undergoes a dual coating mechanism. A layer of clear coat is usually applied on top of the paint to give it the sheen and sleek look. It's simpler to understand when you realize enamel is the component that keeps our teeth from decay and ruin. But as all coins have two faces, on the downside, these are very expensive due to the elaborate process involved and thus hard to afford. Although, this paint that most professionals use as it gives the best of finishes. If you can afford it, you can enjoy it!
  • Polyurethane enamels work like magic when it comes to Tesla Auto Body Painting. What's it's the advantage you ask? Well, it dries the fastest, meaning you get your vehicle back from the shop earlier than the others. So if you are in need of the thing done soon, you could probably go for urethane enamel. But here is the catch; as it involves a triple layered process, it also costs the most. After all, every service added to is an addition to the weight it puts on your pocket.
  • The water-based paints are in the go today due to its cost and the durability. While all the parameters we have spoken of earlier meet well with this, the only drawback you could find is that the options in the colors you can choose from are restricted to a few colors including red, white and black. So if you are an auto-freak who loves the bright, often neon-like colors, this one probably will fail in satisfying your requirements.

It is all about prioritizing what you want the most. Does the cost bother you or the ease with which the painting can be done? When you answer this question, keep in mind the cost, the duration and the benefits each type offers.

The Pricing Across Places

Auto Body Painting usually is quite costly due to the technology that it involves and the level of professionalism it demands. While in the US the price range lies roughly between $300 or $900, it always depends and varies based on the level of technology they use. The lack of time that we face with can sometimes also lead to increased packages and prices. But most of the times, these auto painting does come along with a check up of your vehicle for any rusts and in cases of dents, the cost of these services skyrocket still higher. In India, these paint jobs are even higher priced.

Tesla Approved Body Shops; Redefining Painting!

When it comes to automotive manufacturing brands, Tesla is one of the most promising of companies as their projects seldom fail to awe us, people. Due to its prowess in the field, approval for any paint is a huge mark of trust and quality. These Tesla approved body shop is your go-to solution for all the straightening and removal of the dents issues. With professional hands comes work done with the perfect finishing. When you pay for the work they do, isn't it best to make sure the service you get is worth your money. The thought of finding nearby showrooms might automatically bother you. But fret not! For the company has its stores opened in various parts of the world and this chain is gradual, steadily increasing!

The Perks And The Tidbits

Although not exclusive the Tesla body shops are more effective and apt for Tesla vehicles. Also, to avoid any inconvenience of going to the venue earlier and wasting your valuable time, Tesla offers online appointment scheduling so that you can be well planned as well be sure of getting your work done in the given time. With such positives, Tesla really does stand apart from the rest of the auto painting fraternity due to its promise of quality both in terms of the service as well as customer management.

All in all, wanting to get an auto body painting is not a bad idea after all.! All you have to do is do your end's research about the type of paint you need to get keeping in mind the various parameters we have spoken of earlier. And with professional consulting teams and with people who are passionate about the work they do, Tesla Auto body painting is the best thing that could happen to a jumpy, inconclusive you! You need to bear in mind that no matter what, you are the one will go around places and as far as you can confidently, without any feeling of shame carry your vehicle, you can go with your flow and experiment with the various looks you can get your car into. After all, all you need is some money and the rest is a smooth ride!

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