Educator Licensure 

The mission of the Office of Educator Licensure is to assist all Mississippi public school educators and prospective educators to obtain and maintain standard certification and licensure and to implement licensure guidelines set by the Certification Commission and State Board of Education. Prospective educators in Mississippi can obtain certification through:

  • traditional teacher and administrator education programs
  • alternative teacher and administrator certification programs
  • reciprocity

Licensure Application Status:

The Office of Educator Licensure (OEL) works diligently to review and process all licensure requests submitted to the office. Please note that you may view the tests and/or the names of documents received by logging into the Mississippi Educator Licensure Management System (ELMS) and clicking on “Images” from the “Educator Options” Menu on the left of your credentials screen. 

After reviewing documentation received, you will receive an e-mail (if applicable) of additional documentation that may be needed or that your license has been issued. 

Original Educator Licensure and Duplicate Licenses Update:

The Office of Educator Licensure (OEL) is now offering access to original teaching certificates in the Educator Licensure Management System (ELMS). The original certificates can be printed by logging into the educator’s ELMS account and selecting the option that says “View your credentials here.”  Once in the account, the educator can select the yellow link bar that says “Click here to view Certificate” just below the educator’s contact information.   

As a result of the original certificates now being available online, the OEL will no longer automatically mail original certificates to educators. An individual may request a duplicate copy of a license by applying online and paying with a debit or credit card or by submitting a completed Licensure Application and a $5 money order (Personal checks not accepted) to the Mississippi Department of Education; Office of Educator Licensure; P.O. Box 771; Jackson, MS 39205. 

The OEL asks that all educators verify the accuracy of the personal information within ELMS, paying special attention to email addresses.  Email is the quickest and most efficient way for the OEL to communicate with the educator if there is a deficiency with the application or to notify the educator once the licensure request has been processed.  

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact the OEL at 601-359-3483.


Do not address any mail to 500 Greymont Ave.  The Post Office does not deliver mail to that location, and any mail with that address will be returned to sender.  All mail to MDE should be addressed to PO Box, 771, Jackson, MS  39205.  We are currently working with the U.S. Post Office in Jackson to forward any mail addressed to 500 Greymont Ave. to our PO Box, but in order to insure delivery to MDE the PO Box address listed above must be used.


Office of Educator Licensure     P.O. Box 771     Jackson, MS 39205-0771     Phone: (601) 359-3483     Fax: (601) 359-2778

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