Compulsory School Attendance Enforcement

Mandated Reporter- 15 Minute Overview of Child Abuse and Neglect Requirements

Attendance Awareness Contest Winners:

Literary-David Brown - 10th grade-South Pike High School-South Pike School District-Teacher Cynthia Slay

Sarah Robinson - 8th grade-Iuka Middle School-Tishomingo County School District-Teacher Melissa Walker

Poster-Jack Durr - 3rd grade-Northside Elementary School-Pearl Public School District-Teacher Shea Hennesy

Sydney Graham - 7th grade-Rankin County School District-Teacher Rebecca Roberts              

Video-  Alcorn Career and Technology Center- Digital Media Class-Block 4-Alcorn County School District-Teacher Steve Shaw

Andre Taylor, Jr. - 5th  grade Grace Christian Elementary-Hattiesburg Public School District Leslie Leflore

Hannah Thompson, Jacqueria Bailey, Nicholas McGlorthan, Cameron Horton and Eric Vaughn-Brown Elementary - 5th grade- Jackson Public School District-Teacher Catherine Sarenac

My Movie - Small
Attendance Awareness Contest 2016-1
Attendance Awareness Contest 2016-2
Attendance Awareness Contest 2016-3
Attendance Awareness Contest 2016-4

High School Heroes

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