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The Mississippi Department of Education allows for local education agencies to offer courses through distance and online learning as outlined in board policy Part 3, Chapter 56, Rule 56.1 - Distance Learning / Online Courses (Rule 56.1). In accordance with Rule 56.1, courses offered through the Mississippi Virtual Public School (MVPS), the Mississippi Interactive Video Network (MIVN), or MDE-approved independent study programs do not require additional approval.

In order for a vendor to be approved for use under paragraph 2 of Rule 56.1, local school districts must submit an application to the Mississippi Department of Education for approval to ensure the vendor/provider’s content, curriculum, and assessments are aligned to Mississippi’s course standards.

Districts will submit a Mississippi Online Course Application (MOCA) that includes a review of proposed distance and online courses. The evaluation rubric is derived from the Southern Regional Education Board’s (SREB) Checklist for Evaluating Online Courses and the International Association for K-12 Online Learning’s (iNOCAL) National Standards for Quality Online Courses.

Application Process
School districts must complete an initial review of courses being proposed for use as distance and online courses. A district may work with other districts to submit a MOCA when multiple districts plan to offer courses provided by the same vendor. A district online course review team must be comprised of a minimum of three (3) reviewers, to include at least two (2) content specialists (classroom teachers, curriculum specialists) and one (1) technology specialist to complete the review. The MOCA shall include three (3) components:
(1) the Application Cover and Signed Assurances,
(2) the Online Course Review Rubric, and
(3) the Online Course Alignment Crosswalk.

Completed MOCAs will be submitted electronically for final review and approval by the Mississippi Department of Education in accordance with timelines established in the MOCA District Guidance. The completed application, including the three required files, must be submitted via a single email to onlinecourses@mdek12.org. For comprehensive guidance and application materials, please see the MOCA District Guidance and related application resources.

 Approved Online Courses

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