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Mississippi School Library Listserv
To subscribe to the Mississippi Library listserv, send a message to Elizabeth Simmons with "Subscribe Library" as the subject of the e-mail. Please include your name, as well as the name of your school and district in Mississippi.

Mississippi School Library Crosswalk
The Crosswalk connects the Mississippi Librarian Growth Rubric standards to the Library Guide and the Monitoring Rubric to help Librarians in creating a 21st Century Library Program.
Mississippi Librarian Growth Rubric, School Library Guide, and School Library Monitoring Rubric Crosswalk

Mississippi School Library Guide
Click here to download the 2017 Mississippi School Library Guide PDF

Click on the sections below to find more information regarding the standards and guidelines for Mississippi School Library Programs

Section 1: Vision, Mission, Standards, Philosophy contains information regarding the Vision and Mission of the Mississippi School Library Programs and how the school libraries advocate the 21st Century Learner Standards, Intellectual Freedom, and the School Library Bill of Rights.

Section 2: An Administrative View explains the responsibilities of administrators, school librarians, and teachers to create a quality school library program that promotes the current College-and-Career Readiness Standards.

Section 3: The Library Learning Environment details the elements of a quality school library learning environment which includes developing a reading program, collaborating with teachers, and planning for instruction.

Section 4: Library Collection contains links and forms in regards to building a school library print and digital collection that connects to the current College-and Career-Readiness Standards and the Mississippi’s Strong Readers - Strong Leaders.

Section 5: Technology showcases the technological goals and objectives for both the school librarian and the school library program.

Section 6: Administration of the School Library outlines the elements of a quality school librarian and school library facility which includes creating budgets, cataloging materials, and promoting library programs.
                Mississippi Library Monitoring Rubric
                Mississippi Librarian Growth Rubric
                Mississippi Librarian Growth Rubric Descriptors

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