List of Districts in Transformation
  • Aberdeen School District
  • Leflore County School District
  • Tunica County School District

District Transformation

Whenever the governor declares a state of emergency in a school district, the State Board of Education may assign an interim superintendent to the local school district.  For states of emergency declared under 37-17-6(11)(b), the State Board of Education may abolish the school district and assume control and administration of the schools formerly constituting the district and appoint a conservator.  The reasons for declaring a state of emergency in a local school district include, but are limited to, the following:
  • An extreme emergency exists in a school district that jeopardizes the safety or educational interests of the children enrolled in the schools in that district and that the emergency situation is believed to be related to a serious violation or violations of accreditation standards or state or federal law;
  • If a school district meets the State Board of Education’s definition of a failing school district for two (2) consecutive full school years;
  • Or in the event that more than fifty percent (50%) of the schools within the school district are designated as Schools At-Risk in any one year;
  • A lack of financial resources; or
  • Failure to meet minimum academic standards as evidenced by a continued pattern of poor student performance.

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