Early Childhood 

The Office of Curriculum and Instruction is committed to accelerating student achievement for every child in Mississippi. The Office accomplishes this goal by helping school districts improve the readiness and reading achievement of Mississippi students from preschool through twelfth grade.  In addition to providing guidance to local districts on assistant teacher requirements (2012), the Office coordinates the adoption of early childhood materials (2014).

Early Learning Collaboratives

The Office of Curriculum and Instruction is working toward implementation of the Early Learning Collaborative Act.  Information about implementation is available through an archived webinar and through a slide show.  A questions and answers document provides additional guidance.  As a part of the implementation process, the MDE has completed a survey of other states to gain a broad sense of what is being done in the area of early childhood.

3 Year Old Guidelines | 3 Year Old Standards, 2013

4 Year Old Guidelines | 4 Year Old Standards, 2013 | 4 Year Old Teaching Strategies, 2015

Kindergarten Guidelines, 2012 | Kindergarten Guidelines, 2015

Transition to Kindergarten

Kindergarten Readiness Assessment

Kindergarten Readiness Assessment Sample Reports

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