All About Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Treatment

There are many things that cause you depression and sometimes that becomes so much serious to you, which you can't get rid of. Thus the transcranial magnetic stimulation is used to treat the depression when it's too serious. In this article, we will explain to you everything you need to know about the TMS depression treatment.

About this treatment

Transcranial magnetic stimulation, which is also known as repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation, is a none interfering aspect of brain stimulant in which a transforming magnetic field is employed to inflict electric current at a certain region of the brain through the use of electromagnetic induction. This is used in the diagnosis and now in treating the serious depression condition in a human.

This treatment is basically done on those people who don't get any results from the simple remedies of getting rid of the depression. This can be considered a big relief for those people who are having that type of major depression and wants to relieve that. The first tms device was created in 1985 which was originally for the purpose of diagnosis and for research devices only. This has always shown impressive results for people to get over these conditions.

FDA authorized the use of TMS depression treatment in 2008. This was one of the good news for those people who have not shown any improvement in other treatments. There are many benefits to it which really makes this one of the major things for the people suffering from a long time because of depression.

Benefits of Depression

There are several benefits of using the TMS treatment for treating the depression. If you are really suffering from depression you can easily relate to most of the points why you need to use this treatment if other things are not working for you.

  • effective treatment, there are so many parameters of this treatment which have been discovered in the past few years for in this treatment. This has proven to be very effective even for those people who have not been successful in traditional methods such as medications and exercises. There are several studies that have proven this to be very effective in both the long and short term. This works more effectively than the traditional approaches to depression treatment.
  • This is none systematic, in other words, there nothing injected in your body or blood that affects the various parts use your body.
  • The patient always stays conscious during this treatment and can easily continue to do the daily routine work after this treatment which is really a plus point for everyone. This shows that this treatment is not so hard on your body.
  • Nothing is planted in your body, and there are no drugs that are used for treating the depression with this method. This really counts this into the best treatment for depression. There is nothing to be feared about because of the use of this treatment about anything entering your body and harming it somehow.
  • Fast treatment, this has been found in the analysis by FDA that most of the patients found to be totally rid of the depression in a four weeks time period. This shows that it can really be a fast method for you to treat your depression and get rid of it as soon as possible and completely.

How Does This Treatment Works

This is a noninvasive treatment for treating the depression, there is no surgery in this treatment, this involves the use of magnetic pulses for the treatment. It also does not require you to take any anesthesia or anything during the treatment. A coil is placed on the targeted area which is also known as the prefrontal cortex. The magnetic fields don't directly influence the entire brain system. It takes approx 4-5 weeks for the treatment of depression with this method.

According to records, the treatment with TMS has shown immense growth in success rates of this treatment for depression. It shows a 75% response rate on people with major depression issues. If you really want the best treatment for yourself in case of depression then this is the best for you. With all the benefits and the ways, it treats people, it can really be very helpful for many people who have not got any results in other types of remedies for depression.

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