Scholarships and Loan Forgiveness

A variety of assistance programs are available. Keep in mind that you may qualify for assistance from both state and federal programs.

Important: The Mississippi Department of Education does not administrate your student loan. If you have questions about your loan, please contact Mississippi Office of State Student Financial Aid 1-800-327-2980, or Federal Student Aid 1-800-433-3243.

Undergraduate Programs

Mississippi Excellence in Teaching Program (METP)

William Winter Alternate Route Teacher Scholar Loan Program (WWAR), State-funded

William Winter Teacher Scholar/Loan (WWTS), State-funded

Teach Grant, Federally funded

Teacher Education Scholars Loan/Scholarship

Graduate Programs
Graduate Teacher, Counselor, School Administration Loan/Scholarship (GTS), State-funded
Mississippi Teacher Fellowship Program, State-funded
Teach Grant, Federally funded  

Critical Needs Dyslexia Therapy Loan/Scholarship 

Loan Repayment Programs
Mississippi Teacher Loan Repayment Program (MTLR)
For alternate route completers only.
Federal Loan Forgiveness Program for Teachers

Low-Income Directory

Loan Forgiveness for Public Service Employees

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