Chickasaw Cession Program

The Chickasaw Cession program was created in an effort to resolve the disparity between counties which have sixteenth section lands and the Chickasaw Cession counties which have no sixteenth section lands.  For a more detailed history, dating back to 1832, please click here.


The Legislature appropriates money based on two funding elements, the Mississippi Constitution, Section 212 and the U.S. Fifth Court of Appeals. 

Mississippi Constitution, Section 212:

The amount of money appropriated annually is $62,190.96. This represents the amount eight percent interest would have earned the Chickasaw Cession counties on the proceeds from the sale of the 16th section lands.  The amount is paid to the school districts on a per acre basis. The grant amount is consistent from year to year and is disbursed in two equal payments in May and November.

U.S. Fifth Court of Appeals

In February 1989, the Court established a formula through Federal Court Order No. 84-4109. This formula takes the total sum of expendable revenue, excluding income from oil and gas revenues, from sixteenth section lands during the second preceding fiscal year and divides it by the number of Minimum Education Program (MP) teacher units outside the Chickasaw Cession area to arrive at an income per teacher unit amount. This amount is multiplied by the number of MP teacher units in the Chickasaw Cession districts. The calculated amount is disbursed to the Chickasaw Cession school districts in twelve equal payments beginning in July of each year. MP teacher units in a school district not wholly located in the Chickasaw Cession land area is proportioned by the land area within the Chickasaw Cession land area compared to the total land area of the school district.

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