Accounting Manual for MPS Districts


 Sections  Title  Page
 A  Basic Principles  A-1
 B  Miscellaneous Issues  B-1
 C  Example Accounting Entries  C-1
 D  Purchasing  D-1
 E  Budgeting  E-1
 F  Activity Funds  F-1
 G  Fixed Assets  G-1
 H  Basic Coding Systems  H-1
 I  Fund and Accounting Group   I-1
 J  Balance Sheet Coding  J-1
 K  Revenue Coding  K-1
 L  "Unused at this time."  L-1
 M1  Expenditure Function Codes  M-1
 M2  Expenditure Object Codes (Revised 7/2016)  M-2
 N  Financial Statements (Revised 11/17/2008)  N-1
 O  Terminology  O-1
 P  Listing of Statutes  P-1


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