Special Education Staff

Gretchen Cagle, State Director
Shirley Fleming, Projects Officer
Chelsea Chicosky, Attorney

Bureau of Fiscal Services

Michael Gibbons, Bureau Director
Melvinann Carter, Projects Officer II, Special

Office of District Fiscal Services 

Audrey Shaifer, Office Director
Mary Bobbitt, Division Director
Roscoe Jones, Education Program Coordinator

Division of MDE Accounting Services

Christopher Brooks, Division Director

Division of External Placements and Indicator Analysis

Janika Cheers, Division Director II
Rhonda Brooks, Division Director II

Division of Support Services

Yvonne Ellis, Division Director
Jeffrey Moore, Education Program Coordinator
Marilyn Reed, Education Program Coordinator
Melissa Shields, Education Specialist, Senior

Bureau of Instructional Support, Compliance and Monitoring

Tanya Bradley, Bureau Director
Raymond Reeves, Projects Officer

Office of Instructional Support

Sharon Coon, Office Director
Alice Hunter, Educator in Residence (Conservator District Support)
Candice Kelly, Transition Instructional Support Specialist
Teresa Laney, Speech Language Instructional Support Specialist
Julie Lowery, Emotional Disabilities Instructional Support Specialist
Amy Shelly, Professional Development Coordinator
M. Pleshette Smith, Differentiated Instruction Support Specialist
Edryce Thompson, State Systemic Improvement Plan Support Specialist
Stacey Todd, Professional Development Coordinator
Lisa White, Educator in Residence (State Systemic Improvement Plan Coordinator)
Devin Boone, Professional Development Coordinator
Margaret Elmer, Professional Development Coordinator

Office of Compliance and Monitoring

Velva Haynes, Office Director
Keisha Dixon, Compliance Monitoring Coordinator
Katherine Green, Compliance Monitoring Coordinator
Gloria Lacey, Compliance Monitoring Coordinator
Minnia Winters, Compliance Monitoring Coordinator
Allison Paige Pigott, Compliance Monitoring Coordinator
Shuwana Hurt, Compliance Monitoring Coordinator

Bureau of Parent Engagement and Support

Armerita Tell, Bureau Director

Office of Dispute Resolution

Mona Spells Adou, Trainer/Investigator
Ginger Koestler, Dispute Resolution Investigator
Jordan Helton, Education Planning & Evaluation Coordinator

Office of Parent Outreach

Candice Taylor, Parent Outreach Specialist

Office of Special Education     P.O. Box 771     359 N. West Street, Suite 300     Jackson, MS 39205     Phone: (601) 359-3498     Parent Hotline: 1-877-544-0408
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