Title II, Part A - Highly Qualified Teachers and Principals


  • To increase academic achievement by improving teacher and principal quality;
  • To increase the number of highly qualified teachers in classrooms;
  • To improve the skills of principals and assistant principals in schools;
  • To increase the effectiveness of teachers and principals by holding LEAs and schools accountable for improvements in student academic achievement; and
  • To combine the former Eisenhower Professional  Development Program and the former Class-Size Reduction  Initiative into one funding program.

Uses of Funds

  • To recruit, hire and retain highly qualified teachers and principals;
  • To provide research-based, high-quality professional development activities;
  • To support the acquisition of advanced degrees to the extent that doing so is consistent with the LEA's needs assessment and local plan;
  • To provide training activities to enhance the involvement of parents in their child's education;
  • To pay the salary of a highly qualified replacement teacher when the regular classroom teacher is on sabbatical;
  • To pay the costs of State tests required of new teachers to determine whether they have subject matter competency and to assist them in meeting State certification requirements;
  • To purchase supplies or instructional materials used as part of professional development activities and;
  • To carry out teacher advancement initiatives that promotes professional growth.

Allowable Expenses

  • Developing and implementing mechanisms to assist schools to effectively recruit and retain highly qualified teachers, principals and specialist in core academic areas
  • Developing and implementing strategies and activities to recruit, hire and retain highly qualified teachers and principals
  • Professional development activities that improve the knowledge of teachers and principals
  • Developing and implementing initiatives to promote retention of highly qualified teachers and principals, particularly in schools with a high percentage of low-achieving students
  • Carrying out programs and activities that are designed to improve the quality of the teaching force, such as innovative professional development programs that focus on technology literacy, tenure reform, testing teachers in the academic subject in which teachers teach and merit pay programs
  • Carrying out professional development programs that are designed to improve the quality of principals and superintendents, including the development and support of academics to help them become outstanding managers and educational leaders.
  • Hiring highly qualified teachers in order to reduce class size particularly in the early grades
  • Carrying out teacher advancement initiatives that promote professional growth and emphasize multiple career paths and pay differentiation

Prohibited Activities

  • Supplanting
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