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The Department of Intervention Services (Pre-K – 12) is responsible for successfully implementing and sustaining a Multi-Tiered System of Supports to accelerate and maximize student academic and social emotional outcomes through the application of collaborative data-based problem solving utilized by effective leadership at all levels of the educational system. The department oversees and coordinates the implementation of policies and procedures related to State Board Policy Part 3 Chapter 41, Rule 41.1 and provides professional development on “Multi-Tiered System of Supports” for school-based teams, administrators, staff, parents, and agencies. In addition, the office offers guidance on appropriate intervention data collection, data-based decision making, evaluation, and progress monitoring for students in need of supplementary intensive academic and behavioral supports to ensure all students graduate high school college and career ready.

Three Tier Instructional Model

The Three Tier Instructional Model was adopted by the State Board of Education (SBE Policy 41.1) on January 21, 2005 and revised on August 18, 2016. It is designed to meet the needs of every student and consists of three tiers of instruction:

Tier 1: Quality classroom instruction based on MS Curriculum Frameworks.
Tier 2: Focused supplemental instruction.
Tier 3: Intensive interventions specifically designed to meet the individual needs of students.

If strategies at Tiers 1 & 2 are unsuccessful, students must be referred to the Teacher Support Team (TST). The TST is the problem-solving unit responsible for interventions developed at Tier 3. Each school must have a Teacher Support Team implemented in accordance with the process developed by the Mississippi Department of Education.

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