English Language Arts

The Office of English Language Arts (ELA), as part of the Office of Elementary Education and Reading and the Office of Secondary Education, is responsible for providing support to teachers and schools throughout the state in the implementation of Mississippi’s College and Career Readiness Standards (CCRS) for English Language Arts. The staff in the Office of English Language Arts develops resources for teachers, delivers statewide and school-based professional development, and supports schools in the alignment of curriculum, instruction, and assessment.

For more information on the services provided by the Office of English Language Arts, please contact Dana Danis, English Language Arts Curriculum Specialist, at (601) 359-3461 or via email at ddanis@mdek12.org.

Professional Development Services

To request professional development, please click the link below:

Professional Development Staff
Dr. Felicia Jackson Stewart, Professional Development Coordinator, fstewartjackson@mdek12.org
Ashley Kazery, Professional Development Coordinator, ashley.kazery@mdek12.org
Barbara Trivelli-Bowen, Professional Development Coordinator, btbowen@mdek12.org

Mississippi’s College and Career Readiness Standards for English Language Arts
MS CCRS for ELA (2015)
MS CCRS for ELA (2016)
ELA Standards Revision Comparison Chart
Glossary of Terms for MS CCRS for English Language Arts
Organization of MS CCRS for English Language Arts

Mississippi Assessment Program (MAP) Resources for English Language Arts
MAP Writing Rubric Interpretive Guide and Annotated Scored Writing Samples
MAP Blueprints and Interpretive Guide
MAP ELA Testlets

Instructional Resources
ELA Instructional Scaffolding Documents
Qualitative Rubrics for Measuring Text Complexity (Informational and Literary)
Social Studies and Science Topics List
EQuIP Quick Checklist for MS CCRS-Aligned ELA Lesson Plans

Tools for Close Reading
Close Reading Explained
Elementary Close Reading Lesson Example
Secondary Close Reading Lesson Example
Elementary Annotation Symbols Example
Secondary Annotation Symbols Example

Graphic Organizers for MS CCRS for ELA

Professional Organizations
International Literacy Association
Learning Forward

Additional Resources
National Writing Project
Mississippi Writing/Thinking Institute

Older Training Materials

ELA Resources for Parents
Mississippi Family Guides for Student Success
ELA Student Shifts
Grades K-12 PTA Parent Guides

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